• The itinerary features a number of case studies, which illustrate the strategical and practical relevance of patents and IP in general for research-driven businesses.

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    • MPG (DE) - Fast Low Angle Shot (FLASH) MRI

      In the early 1980s, magnetic resonance imaging was a stressful procedure for patients, requiring them to remain motionless in a narrow tube for long periods of time. Then Jens Frahm and his team at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Göttingen invented FLASH, a new and revolutionary MRI method which speeded up image acquisition time by a factor of 100. In order to commercialise the patent for FLASH, a long and fierce litigation battle had to be fought, which ultimately resulted in a significant licence fee income for the Max Planck Society. In 2010, Frahm and his colleagues developed FLASH 2, which has shortened acquisition times even further. The technology moves MRI from images to films and enables real-time MRI videos of dynamic processes such as the beating heart. The commercialisation of FLASH 2 is based on a unique two-stage licensing scheme.

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    • Fractus S.A. (ES) - Fractal Antennae

      Two decades ago, mobile phones featured large antennae that needed to be pulled out before making a call. Inventor Carles Puente Baliarda revolutionised antenna design with the introduction of fractal-based antennae – small enough to fit inside a phone’s body and providing powerful reception. The patenting of his inventions paved the way for the founding of Fractus, S.A.

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    • Baseclick GmbH (DE) - Click Chemistry

      In recent years, the field of biomedicine has witnessed revolutionary developments that have set major milestones. These developments, including nucleic acids, DNA decryption and modification and labelling methods, have led to significant advances and have resulted in the successful commercialisation of a large number of products and services. Set up in 2008, Baseclick, a company located in Neuried near Munich, has a thriving business offering solutions based on their core technology, the "click reaction".

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