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CII - ensuring information is the key to patentability 

Watch the recorded lecture on computer-implemented inventions, held by Michaël De Smet, team manager, Information and Communication Technology at the EPO The Hague and Igor Dydenko, team manager, Electronics and Mechanics at the EPO Berlin.

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Michaël De Smet, BE, team manager, Information and Communication Technology, EPO The Hague. Studied telecommunication engineering and computer science. Passed the EQE. Postgraduate diploma in International IP Law. Engineer officer in the Belgian army. Joined the EPO in 2003 as an examiner in the field of computer-implemented business methods.Trainer for examiners. Regular speaker at external events on the topic of computer-implemented inventions.

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Igor Dydenko, PL, team manager, Medical Electronics and Mechanics, EPO Berlin. Mechanical engineer with a PhD in medical imaging. Joined the EPO in 2003. Passed the EQE in 2008. Tutor on various in-house and external courses for examiners and patent professionals, including EQE preparatory courses. Involved in the redrafting of the Guidelines on computer-implemented inventions.

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