Course: Tackling the future: Cross-field inventions

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    Computer control is present in technologies related to mobility already for a long time. The use of artificial intelligence, the development of the autonomous vehicle and new ways of doing business are however changing inventions and patent applications in technical fields traditionally related to mechanics and mechatronics. We will have a look at these changes and the challenges met by patent applicants and examiners during the patent granting process.

    A Q&A session will round up the lecture.

    Tom Woodhouse, Patent attorney, Page White Farrer
    Henrik Vocke, Patent attorney, Hoffmann Eitle
    Daniel Nielles, examiner, EPO
    Dominika Baráč, examiner, EPO 

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    Smart agriculture is one of the clearest examples of converging technologies. Traditionally purely mechanical inventions around machinery and installations for agricultural mechanization have always required a certain basic level of knowledge of biology and chemistry for their specific application in agriculture. Now with smart agriculture an even more complex technological background is required, involving electronics, computer-implemented inventions, AI and business methods. 

    In this video, the speakers explore together the challenges of such a complex landscape when applying for a patent in this field.

    Ignacio de Mateo, Patent Manager, Yara International
    Ricardo Oltra García, examiner, EPO
    Dominika Baráč, examiner, EPO