CPC Workshop Vienna 2012

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Introduction and background

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The Co-operative Patent Classification system (CPC) is a joint initiative of the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. With the CPC, the two offices will harmonise their existing classification systems and work towards a joint system using a common scheme.


The Co-operative Patent Classification workshop held in Vienna in March 2012 was the first in a series aimed at introducing external users to this new system. The Vienna workshop was attended by patent professionals and business representatives alike, all keen to hear from EPO experts about the new classification scheme.


If you were unable to attend the workshop, you can click on short video summaries of the individual presentations to get an idea of the content and decide if you would like to view the presentation in full.


In anticipation of the workshop, representatives from the industry referred about their expectations and opinions as well as managers from the EPO provided statements.