Selling the message: how to convince SMEs that IP matters | ip4inno module 6B

The business audiences who have most to gain from ip4inno materials often feel that IP has nothing to do with them. For many, IP is too expensive to acquire and enforce and a low priority compared to running their business. Too often IP lectures focus upon "how" to register IP rights rather than explaining "why" a business would want to use IP in the first place.

Drawing on 12 years experience of teaching IP to business audiences, ip4inno Project Leader Jeremy Philpott explains how to make IP strategy relevant and attractive to new and small businesses. By simply modifying the way information is packaged we can change the perception of IP from being a cost and a risk to being a source of income, opportunity and security. The trick is to speak the language of business: money - rather than law. This virtual classroom lesson (VCL) shows which messages can persuade SMEs to attend IP themed training or networking events and which topics to prioritise with busy people. The VCL also discusses event formats and partnerships which have proven to be successful, particularly in overcoming the cynicism and distrust with which government messages are often regarded.

Please note, therefore, that unlike all other ip4inno materials which address particular applied IP issues, this module concerns the practice of outreach and public relations.

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