When deciding on whether to grant a patent or refuse an application, the European Patent Office (EPO) examines whether the application meets the requirements of the European Patent Convention (EPC). But what exactly does this involve and what might it mean for you?

In this self-paced course you will gain a better understanding of: 

  • The importance of the patentability requirements, which serve as a starting point for understanding and evaluating your application and invention.
  • The methodology used by the EPO’s patent examiners to evaluate whether the patentability requirements are met.
  • The different scenarios in which an invention and/or application might fail to meet the requirements and the reasons for this.
  • A brief overview of the type of information you will get from the patent examiner if any objections are raised

The course does not cover:

  • Your options for remedying any deficiencies.
  • The legal and procedural consequences of failing to meet the requirements. 

You can go through all the information in the theory sections and then test your knowledge of what you have learned with the quiz at the end.

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