This set of videos around IP management tackle issues on IP strategy, valuation, evaluation and commercialisation. Experts from different areas provide an insight on those topics with many practical examples. 

There is no need to watch the videos in the order of the course structure. You may choose those videos first which interest you most.

The speakers are: 

Mr Peter Bittner

Peter Bittner is a European Patent Attorney specialized in IP strategy development and the protection of software innovations. He holds a diploma degree in Physics and an LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law and Management (CEIPI). For more than 20 years Peter worked in industry (NOKIA, SAP) in various positions. Peter was the global IP manager for SAP Research for 6 years and founded his own IP firm in 2010. He was the former president of I3PM International Institute for IP Management and is now acting as the Chairman of the I3PM Advisory Board. Peter gives lectures on IP law and management at the University of Strasbourg and has published multiple contributions in the field. Since 2015 Peter is a member of the EPPC subcommittee of epi on CII.

Mr Vincent Couteau

Vincent qualified as an attorney-at-law in Belgium and as a solicitor in England & Wales. He spent various years in private practice and considerable time working on licensing deals at the university tech transfer unit of the KU Leuven, Belgium. From 2010, Vincent serves as Legal Counsel for Siemens IT Solutions & Services (SIS). He was promoted into the dedicated global legal function of Group IP Counsel in the Atos group. Vincent is Vice-President of I3PM.

Mr Christian Hackl

Christian Hackl has been Managing Director of TUM-Tech GmbH for more than 15 years (“TUM”: Technical University of Munich, “tech”: technology transfer). Besides this position he is an assistant professor for innovation and technology management at TUM and he is active as lecturer for the European Patent Office (EPO). He also supports EU-projects on the topic of innovation and serves as board member for a large technology trust. Before joining TUM-Tech, Chris worked as management consultant for a renowned strategy consulting company. His educational background is in chemistry; his studies and Ph.D. research project were completed in Munich and USA.

Mr Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison is a qualified European, German and French Patent Attorney. He has previously held positions in IBM Germany and W.L.Gore & Associates managing IP portfolios for adding strategic value to the companies. He now advises small and medium-sized companies as well as investors on the value of IP to their business. Robert has lectured extensively on these subjects.

Mr Gordan Hyland

Gordan Hyland, President of I3PM, is a management consultant with expertise in IP, finance & law. His work traverses research, invention, product development, strategy, IP management & business development. Creator of a $4T IP-backed financial securities market blueprint for the Irish Prime Minister’s Office influencing national policy 2009-10; Finalist in the Irish President’s international innovation competition (9000+ entrants). As chief strategist CTO Office SONY (Corp HQ) Tokyo he led teams of university consultants developing & pitching >$10B/yr mid-term revenue leads to executive management. This followed an 18yr career with Philips (Holland, USA, Taiwan & Japan) focused on microelectronics R&D, IP management & business development. In 2012 Gordan became a non-executive director of Shibumi Consulting advising on the development of the company's IP services. He holds qualifications in engineering, math, law, finance, investment analysis & business administration.

Mr Malte Köllner

Malte Köllner is one of the world's leading figures in the field of patent valuation. He has valued the intellectual property of blue-chip companies and often gives expert opinions before court. He lectures on patent valuation and IP due diligence at the University of Strasbourg and Maastricht. He is editor in chief of the leading journal on patent law in German-speaking countries. Malte is a German and European patent, trademark and design attorney.

Mr Donal O’Conell

Donal O'Connell is the Managing Director of Chawton Innovation Services Ltd, an IP consultancy & IP software solutions company. Previously Donal was VP of R&D and Director of IP at Nokia. As well as his role at Chawton Innovation Services, Donal is Adjunct Professor of IP at Imperial College Business School in London and he has been on the IAM300 (top global IP strategists) list for the past few years.


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