The conference Examination Matters has become the meeting place for patent attorneys dealing with the EPO in the patent granting procedure. This course room offers access to the recordings of six public webinars covering some of the most popular topics of the event:

  • Selection inventions – the rules of the game
    (Technical area: chemistry and life sciences)
  • Amendments and unsearched subject-matter
    (Technical area: all technical backgrounds, with the focus on the mechanical and chemical fields)
  • Computer-implemented inventions: ensuring information is the key, and not the barrier, to patentability
    (Technical area: all ICT fields, life sciences, consumer technologies)
  • Therapeutic methods – Article 53(c) EPC
    (Technical area: medical technology, HBC fields)
  • Post-published evidence – a risky game!
    (Technical area: all technical backgrounds, with focus on HBC fields)
  • Experimental data: impact on patentability in medical applications
    (Technical area: HBC fields)

You can watch the entire webinars, quickly access specific parts of the presentations or questions asked by the public and download the presentation materials in PDF format.


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