Recorded webinar:
Selection inventions – the rules of the game

Watch the recorded webinar on selection inventions, held by Markus Borst, EPO examiner in the field of Applied Chemistry and Rob Chapman, EPO examiner in the field of immunology. You can use the links below the video in order to directly access specific sections of the webinar or questions asked by the participants.


Markus Borst, DE, examiner, Applied Chemistry, EPO Munich. Studied pharmacy at the University of Munich and graduated with a PhD in pathobiochemistry. Passed the EQE in 2011. Worked as a clinical pharmacist. Joined the EPO in 1997. Works in the field of pharmaceuticals with additional activities as a cluster expert for sensitive cases and as an instructor for new examiners.
Rob Chapman, GB, examiner, Biotechnology, EPO Munich. BSc in biochemistry in Sheffield, UK. Ph.D in Munich at the Helmholtz Center and LMU. MBA, Open University, UK. Professional experience at the Helmholtz Center, University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Jersey and at the University of Toronto.

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