By registering with the e-learning centre you have access to the EPO’s e-learning material and can keep track of your learning. The EPO is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and the personal data you provide for this purpose. You can access or modify this data or delete your account at any time. For more information about how we use personal data and contact details, please read our privacy statement.

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The European Patent Office (EPO) is committed to protecting your privacy and the personal data you provide when using our e-learning centre, and has put in place data protection rules with the aim of ensuring best practice when handling users' personal data.

• Why does the EPO collect certain personal data?

The EPO collects and processes personal data only to the extent necessary to provide services or content you have requested.

This privacy statement is specifically about our e-learning centre, also known as the Learning Management System (LMS). It tells you what information we collect about you through it, the purpose for which we collect that data and how we do so.

• What information does the EPO collect about you through its e-learning centre?

When you register with the e-learning centre, you will be asked to provide certain personal data, which we will use to identify you. This includes a valid email address, which will be your user ID. You will be able to modify the data you enter, which will become your profile, at any time.

When you register for courses on the main EPO website (by using our online registration tool, which is a service provided by XING Events), the following personal data that you enter there will be synchronised with the LMS: first name, last name, city and country. Your email address will be used as your unique identifier, i.e. your user ID.

• What does the EPO use this information for?

This information is collected for the purposes of providing training and showing you your progress through the activities on offer in our e-learning centre (e.g. tests and modules taken).

Information may be aggregated in anonymised form to produce reports on user preferences and users' geographical distribution, with a view to optimising technical improvements.

• With whom does the EPO share this information and why?

This information will be shared with the following people only:

- For the purposes of administering the platform and user support, it will be shared with the EPO staff and the contractors specifically selected for these purposes, who are subject to the EPO's guidelines on data protection.

- Tutors external to the EPO – hired on a contractual basis for a particular course – receive a list of that course's participants containing their first names, last names, positions, countries and companies.

- For EPO-internal planning and reporting, anonymised aggregated data may be shared with the unit in charge of European and international co-operation and with the EPO's supervisory bodies.

- In the case of training specifically for staff of national patent offices in the European Patent Organisation's member states, a list of participants in each training course is shared with those national offices' EPO co-ordination officers as part of our co-operation with those offices.

• Who supervises what happens with your data?

Your data will be collected, stored and processed for the purposes described above under the strict supervision of the Executive Director of the European Patent Academy, whom you can contact for more information by emailing

• Your rights as the data subject and our contact details

As the data subject, you have the right to access the information we hold on you at any time. You can also ask us at any time to correct, amend or delete any personal data we hold on you. All you have to do is email us at