The material of this training has been organised in six online courses. The courses give you access to resources (online courses, e-learning modules, virtual classrooms), starting from an introduction to the European patent system, to patentability requirements, search and classification, patent information products and tools and IP rights and their benefits. You can go through the materials at your own pace and according to your degree of knowledge.

This learning path is exclusively available for PATLIB 2.0 centres.

  • 1

    PATLIB 2.0: Introduction to the EPO | KU01-2021

    In this first course you can find out about the legal and procedural aspects of patents and the European patent system, the role of the EPO as appointed international searching authority and international preliminary examining authority in the process of search and examination of patent applications, and you will get an overview of the grant procedure at the EPO.

  • 2

    PATLIB 2.0: Patentability - substantive requirements | KU02-2021

    This second course introduces you to the criteria for patentability, relating to both the invention and the patent application, according to the EPC. You will also get an overview of how patentability requirements are assessed at the EPO and what objections might be raised during the process. 

  • 3

    PATLIB 2.0: Search and classification | KU03-2021

    In this third course you get familiarised with the information contained in search reports and written opinions and you get a practical guide towards systematic patent search. Also, you will get an overview of the CPC classification system, from the basics to the CPC definition documents.

  • 4

    PATLIB 2.0: Patent information products and tools I | KU04-2021

    This fourth course gives you access to introductory resources on patent information. These are followed by VCs on the particularities of the most important tools.

  • 5

    PATLIB 2.0: Patent information products and tools II | KU05-2021

    This fifth course gives you access to specific EPO tools for searching and observing patent information. These are followed  by VCs on the particularities of the most important tools.

  • 6

    PATLIB 2.0: IP rights - what for? | KU06-2021

    This sixth and last course gives you an overview on IP rights, the benefits of the intellectual property system, and of patents in particular.